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- Reunion island -

Cilaos is for sure the most beautiful place of the island. This crater is wild and not easily accessible unless using your shoes or a helicopter. Ideally, walk is the best solution to discover the beauty and the life style of Mafate habitants.

View on Marla in Mafate from the Taïbit pass The small village of Marla

Marla's grocery The old school of Marla where we slept Leaving Marla in the direction of Roche plate

Roche Plate is a very peaceful place at the bottom of the crater. Here stands a river which travels thru rocks and is going down a deep canyon.

The river's bed The river's bed and the Taïbit pass in the back

Roche plate The river is going down a deep canyon

On the way to 3 Roches Few vegetations aside the trail

Near the next pass View from the pass on La Nouvelle

On the way to Cayenne, we discover l'Ilet des Orangers and l'Ilet des Lataniers

l'Ilet des Orangers, a very quiet place l'Ilet des Orangers, a very quiet place

Down to l'Ilet des Lataniers, on the left the trail heading to le Port Heading down to l'Ilet des Lataniers

l'Ilet des Lataniers Cayenne is on the other side of the valley ... Down to the river to climb again to Cayenne

Arriving to Cayenne Cayenne, a part of Paradise

We'll have a rest now ...

Leaving Cayenne towards Aurere

Leaving Cayenne Indiana Jones bridge ? The bridge, solid as a rock

Jp on the trail towards Aurère The arrival to Aurere

The entrance of the house we will have a rest: a paradise ! The Piton Cabri in Mafate

The small church of Ilet à Bourse The small church of Ilet à Bourse