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- Morocco -

Fabulous lights and silence are the two components that make the desert an unforgettable place. I've tried to capture some pictures before the sun rises and after in order to view all the diferent colors. Enjoy...

Before the sun rises

Erg Chebbi under moon light A big dune isn't it ?

Erg Chebbi under moon light Please Mr. Sun, wait for a moment..

Single dune among infinity A dune and the Moon

Erg Chebbi standing alone Ok, now Mr. Sun is ready...

Now, the sun is rising...

First sun lights on Erg Chebbi First sun lights on Erg Chebbi

Sun and Moon lighting together Erg Chebbi Looking for Camels ?

Magic lights... Magic lights...

Magic lights... Bigfoot ??? Don't worry, only the author. :-))

A piece of vegetation in the sand A shadow of a Nikon camera in the desert

An artistic view i suppose Look for the author shadow

The town of Merzouga

Merzouga town Merzouga town

Leaving Merzouga...