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- Bolivia -

The base Camp

Surrounded by small lakes, the base camp is a very peaceful place at 4650m altitude. The temperature is quite cold and it has snowed all the afternoon...

Base Camp Jipé shows the Pequeño Alpamayo

Wild Horses Wild horses

To the top !

Wake up at 2:00 am, light breakfast, material preparation and checking. We start to walk at 3:00 am. The sky is absolutely fabulous because parasitic light from cities are not present...
After a final technical part of hiking, we reached the top of Pequeño Alpamayo at 7:00 am. Altitude is now 5450m. From the top, the view is wonderful and we can also see our next destination: the Huyana Potosi.

Sun is rising on the Pequeño Alpamayo... The final rise to the top (Picture from Manu)

Arrival to the top: altitude 5450m Arrived at the top ! Huyana Potosi is on the right

Climbing down Climbing down

Emmanuel(Fr) & Eliran(Israel) Climbing down