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Sol de Mañana

Volcanos are present everywhere in South Lipez. One of the visible part of the volcanic activity is the geysers and hot water sources. We arrived on place just before the sunrise and it was possible to capture the magic moment through geysers gas and sulfur smell. Altitude is 4870m...

Bloup ! Simily water is boiling Sun is rising through sulfur vapor...

High pressure !! Sun is rising through sulfur vapor... Manu and myself

Strange vapors... It's quite cold today (Picture from Manu)

Just to show we are not alone ! Hot water source

Laguna and desert

Infinity, always infinity....with volcanos and coloured Lagunas !

All guys in the same car with our driver Mateo (Picture from Manu)

Leaving San Juan pueblo Desertic area...

A volcano for sure ! The path to follow

Laguna Cañapas Laguna Cañapas with Flamencos

Laguna Hedionda with 4x4 Laguna Hedionda

Wild Lamas ? Wild Lamas...

Mamacita (our 4x4) and desert Arbro del piedra

On the road again ...