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- Bolivia -

A impressive mountain with a top at 6088m...The Nevado Huyana Potosi is a great challenge. The walk started with all stuffs on the back at 4600m. We climbed up to the base camp at 5250m where we installed our tents in the snow. The temperature is very cold...and a short night is waiting us.

Beautiful colour on the road THE Huyana Potosi waiting for us

After a very cold night and an ultra short "sleep", we wake up and prepare all the material. Temperature is very cold but the sky is perfectly clear. During the climbing, it was possible to see the light of the city of La Paz. We arrived at the top just in time to see the rise of the WARM sun.

The shadow of the Huyana reached Titicaca  lake Luis, Juan-Pedro and El Ge at 6088m

The way we used to climb Climbing down